Commissioners Week of April 28,2022

This past week Josephine County Commission Chair Herman Baertschiger was so worried about what the Grants Pass Daily Courier might say about him he was willing to cut transit services for the elderly and disabled. He also decided commission seats are non-partisan after arguing last month that they are inherently partisan. Baertschiger said because the commission election is “non-partisan” he could say who he was voting for, then went on to shamelessly plug John West on The Bill Meyer Show on KMED. Meyer has referred to West as Baertschiger’s “buddy” in the past. During the third Sportsman Park hearing last Wednesday Josephine County Sportsman Association members once again showed up to record their hearty approval of the transfer of county park properties they use for a gun range to their ownership. Only one person brave enough to be in a roomful of gun enthusiasts spoke up against the move. Commissioners say their next step in unloading what they say is a liability will be a public hearing concerning the draft agreement between the county and the Association.


Commissioner Report for week of April 28

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  1. Patricia Eaton
    May 10, 2022 @ 5:21 pm

    We are in a very dangerous time. The far-right conservative party is coming for our democracy, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Claiming they have Christianity on their side when they have polluted that faith by following the Beast and accepting his corruption. They are deluding themselves into thinking the Secular population is out to destroy them. They have destroyed themselves. I am worried.


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