Commissioners Report Weeks of April 18 and 25

Two weeks this time because I was off with family during Spring Break so it took me a bit to get caught up.

The Whitehorse Park hearing was interesting. Commissioners paid little more than lip service to people with concerns about that matter while they totally embraced the pro-transfer bunch that showed up for the third Sportsman Park hearing, so I think we know what direction they’re going on that. I think it would be fun to show up and say I protest the name “Sportsman” as it’s poor grammar and basically says the park is for men only. Maybe we should have a contest to rename it. The very orchestrated pro-transfer hearing had Baertschiger’s fingerprints all over it. Pure Tucker Carlson – take one small, insignificant incident involving some guy in an old battered truck and blow it up into a full-scale homeless invasion of the Sportsman Park, knowing it will scare the hell out of all those right-wing media listeners among their membership. Bet he cooked that one up with Bill Meyer at KMED. I mean, who in their right mind would think homeless people would try to camp on a gun range. I got lost trying to find a garden club lady’s house in Colonial Valley once and ended up down at the gun club where some guy stared at me until I was able to turn around and get out of there.


Download and read the “PDF” — Commissioners 3rd and 4th week of April 22