Commissioners Update for July 27th

Commissioners decide the best way to pay for the Sheriff is via a Sales Tax. Hmmmmm.

Then… the Fire Map: The Oregon Department of Forestry’s map of wildfire risk areas has created another subject to fire up indignation in Republican souls.  Without explaining exactly what the fire map does, they nevertheless bashed “pointy-headed university students (blamed for making up the map), Rep. Pam Marsh, Sen. Jeff Golden, Republicans in the statehouse who voted for SB 762 authorizing the map, Zoom meetings and of course Gov. Brown. Somehow they never got around to bashing President Biden. A clear understanding of what the map is wasn’t the point of this conversation. The point was to rile up Republicans with the usual accusations about government incompetence, evil plotting Democrats and how they must be “vanquished.”  Herman gets into some Agenda 21 conspiracy theory nonsense and says he’s calling for a Board of Inquiry into the ODF.

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