Choose Democracy – It’s Time to Eliminate the Filibuster

We won the House, the Senate, and the Presidency, and we can’t even get republicans to agree to an investigation of the worst attack on the capitol since the civil war?

Today, republicans took the position of looking away from the attack on our capitol by failing to pass the bipartisan investigation of the deadly insurrection that occurred on January 6th. If Senate Democrats do not reform or eliminate the filibuster, none of our policy priorities, from voting rights to combating climate change to immigration reform, will ever be achieved. 

If you want to help make this change, call your legislators today. They have said time and time again that our calls and emails make a difference. Let them know how you feel. Use this link for scripts and other background information. You can also add impact by tagging them with comments on social media! Find your Senators’ social media handles here. 
CD2 Cliff Bentz: email, DC- (202) 225-6730, Medford – (541) 776-4646
CD4 Congressman Peter DeFazio: email, DC – (202) 225-6416, Eugene – (541) 465-6732
Senator Jeff Merkley: email, DC – (202) 224-3753, Medford – (541) 608-9102
Senator Ron Wyden: email, DC – (202) 224-5244, Medford – (541) 858-5122

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