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Call to Action … Commissioners De-Funding Voter Approved Levy for Master Gardeners and 4H

According to the Grants Pass Daily Courier Josephine County Commissioners decided to de-fund the 4H and Master Gardner programs because of rumor and innuendo…a conspiracy theory has been created around an alleged incident regarding religion 4H representatives say was not true. Commissioners canceled a long-standing voter-approved levy that brings in $414000 to the programs. If these Commissioners can just up and cancel a levy what keeps them from canceling the library levy because they found a book there they don’t like? What keeps them from canceling the jail levy because of some unfounded rumor? Citizens of Josephine County need to stand up to this power overreach before it’s too late. Let Commissioners know you are unhappy with them by emailing, calling or attending the June 7 meeting to voice your concerns.

Commissioners email addresses: hbaertschiger@josephinecounty.gov, ddeyoung@josephinecounty.gov, jwest@josephinecounty.gov, bcc@josephinecounty.gov, or call at 541-474-5221.