Be a Precinct Committee Person!

Do you

  • Feel that your community leaders don’t reflect your values?
  • Want to meet more folks that think the way you do?
  • Want to help make your community a place where all voices are heard instead of just a chosen few?

Be a Precinct Committee Person!

PCPs are the backbone of the Democratic Party of Josephine County.

As a PCP you will help select the leaders of the party or become one yourself.

You can choose from a variety of activities that range from encouraging your Democratic neighbors to vote to running for election yourself.

Change happens when people work together.

Become a PCP and discover how satisfying it can be to say “I helped the Democratic process work.”

It’s grassroots patriotism at its best.

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PCP Responsibilities

  • Attend monthly meetings.
  • Elect our officers and our delegates to Congressional and State Committees.
  • Vote on what issues we should focus on.
  • Volunteer for committees, caucuses, and events.​
  • ‌Strengthen Democracy.
    • ‌Improve voter turnout in your neighborhood.
    • Keep your friends, family, and neighbors politically engaged by keeping them informed.