An Invitation to Visit and Follow the PATH of Josephine County Facebook Page

Homelessness is a pressing issue in our country, and its impact is felt acutely right here in Josephine County. PATH (Partners Assisting the Homeless) of Josephine County is a non-partisan, grassroots organization devoted to advocating for the homeless. The mission statement makes it clear:

We create and advocate for sustainable services and facilities that help individuals transition out of homelessness and ensure a better future for everyone in Josephine County.”

To execute this mission, PATH of Josephine County has established a Facebook page that serves as an informational hub for the community and the homeless population. The page provides a variety of content:

  • Current events and actions affecting homelessness in Josephine County
  • Spotlights on successful shelters and programs
  • Personal interviews with homeless individuals living in Grants Pass
  • Updates from other organizations that serve the homeless
  • Announcements about local events

A key feature of the page is a comprehensive list of services available to the homeless in Josephine County, including contact information. This list is maintained in collaboration with the Josephine Community Library District.

You can find and follow this page on Facebook by simply searching for “PATH of Josephine County“. Select “PATH of Josephine County” from the search results to access the page. Remember to Like the page and visit regularly to stay informed!

A significant recent development is the July 5th decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which declined a review of Johnson v. City of Grants Pass. This has resulted in an injunction mandating the city to allow the unhoused to sleep in all city parks, except for Reinhart. The city now faces a choice:

  • Live with this injunction
  • Appeal to the Supreme Court – with the latter being the likely course of action

On July 6th, PATH of Josephine County posted a brief CNN article about this legal development, along with a link to the actual court order and relevant commentary. To learn more about this and other critical issues, the community is encouraged to visit the Facebook page.