Alert! Attend Budget Hearing Tuesday 6/4

Tomorrow in the Anne Basker Auditorium at 4:30, the Commissioners will have a budget hearing.  According to Sheriff Daniel, commissioners plan to cut historical funding from our sheriff department, diluting the new funding that will come as a result of the newly formed Law Enforcement Service District.

Is this right? 

The Chamber of Commerce says “no” it isn’t:

Attend the Sheriff’s Budget Hearing

Please join us at the Sheriff’s budget hearing on June 4 at 4 pm at the Anne Basker Auditorium to express your concerns and advocate for adequate funding for our law enforcement. Your presence and voice are vital in ensuring the safety and security of our community.


As you know, ensuring the safety and security of our community must remain the highest priority for the County. The Chamber of Commerce endorsed the measure to form a Law Enforcement Service District to ensure 24/7 patrols in the County.

Despite commitments made by the Josephine County Board of Commissioners to prioritize law enforcement and provide necessary funding to the Sheriff’s department through the general fund, the commissioners have presented a budget that reduces the Sheriff’s funding. Since the formation of the new Law Enforcement Service District in November 2023, the commissioners have systematically started cutting the Sheriff’s funding. This reduction has resulted in a shortfall of $3-5 million for the Sheriff’s department from the general fund.

Key Issues

  • The commissioners should honor their commitments. To ensure 24/7 patrol coverage, at least $900,000 from the general fund must be maintained.
  • The Board of Commissioners has allocated $2 million less than they did in 2018, which further exacerbates the issue and prevents adequate support for law enforcement.
  • The Sheriff’s department should not be in a position where it must plead for support.

Action Required

We urge the Josephine County Board of Commissioners and its Budget Committee to fulfill their obligations by allocating ample resources to support law enforcement and county patrol efforts from the general fund, consistent with past fiscal years. Failure to prioritize law enforcement not only undermines public safety but also erodes the trust between elected officials and constituents.

They must maintain the current general fund allocation for the 2024-2025 county budget year, allocate necessary funds for law enforcement, and work collaboratively with the Sheriff’s department to address community safety concerns. The Chamber of Commerce stands ready to support initiatives that prioritize the safety and security of Josephine County businesses and residents.

Contact Your Commissioner

To help get the word out to your respective committee members and encourage them to take action, please contact your commissioner. To contact the Board of County Commissioners office, call (541) 474-5221, submit a citizen request form at the Josephine County Citizen Request Center (https://www.josephinecounty.gov/citizen_request_center/index.php), or visit in person at the Josephine County Courthouse, 500 NW 6th St., Dept. 6, Grants Pass, OR 97526.