A Simple Democratic Majority Is Not Enough

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Imagine a world where progress wasn’t held at bay by right-wing obstructionists! Picture a future where legislation supporting the common good could pass smoothly, unimpeded by extremist Republicans. With the upcoming elections, the importance of a Democratic supermajority is more important than ever.

A simple majority is undoubtedly important for passing legislation, as it requires only 51% of the votes to approve a bill. However, in our highly polarized and divided Congress, the power of a simple majority falls short when it comes to overcoming partisan obstruction.

In our current political climate, where party loyalty and ideological differences often take precedence over the needs of the people, even the most well-intentioned bills can be derailed by the minority party. The filibuster, for example, allows a minority of senators to block or delay legislation indefinitely. The filibuster allows for extended debate and consideration of legislation, but with the narrow majority held by Democrats, requiring 60 votes to overcome a filibuster has more notably been used by Republicans to indefinitely halt the movement of most meaningful legislation our representatives have proposed.

While the filibuster is SUPPOSED to encourage a culture of negotiation and collaboration among senators, it has instead, been used to create roadblocks and obstruction. This practice prevents crucial policies from being enacted, hindering progress on pressing issues that affect the lives of millions of Americans. This alone has prevented many pieces of legislation from ever being voted on.

Take reproductive healthcare, for instance. The Democratic Party has put forth legislation that aims to protect women’s reproductive rights, however, a simple majority alone is not sufficient to overcome staunch Republican opposition. Despite the fact that a majority of Americans support reproductive rights, Republicans continually employ strategies to obstruct or derail bills that address this, leading to gridlock and the perpetuation of an inefficient and flawed system.

The same obstruction by Republicans has blocked many bills authored by Democrats that effectively address gun reform, income inequality, and climate change.

How can we change this?

To break free from the vicious cycle of Republican obstruction, Democrats must strive for a supermajority. This increased voting power gives Democrats a fighting chance to counteract Republican opposition and advance our policy agenda. A supermajority allows for the drafting of more comprehensive bills that address the nuances of complex issues, ensuring that the voices and concerns of the people are heard and acted upon.

Every additional Democrat in office over the simple majority can get us closer to passing the much-desired legislation we want, which is often never even heard, or left on the floor due to gridlock and obstruction.

So, while many think our Democratic representatives have wasted time or are not addressing the issues that are important to us, it is actually the current state of Republican obstruction, that is keeping their proposals and effective change at bay.

A simple majority is just not enough for our representatives to get things done. The pressing issues of healthcare, climate change, and income inequality require a stronger force to push through the gridlock. Democrats must strive for a supermajority to overcome these limitations, enabling them to implement meaningful policies that put the needs of the people first.

We hope you will join us in voting for Democrats in the 2024 election.

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