8/24 thru 26: Where’s Walden Caravan

The last week of August will mark 500 days since Greg Walden has had a town hall anywhere in Oregon Congressional District 2. A lot of Indivisibles have gotten tired of his little secret meetings and have decided to do something about it.

If he won’t bring a town hall to us, we’ve decided to take one to him.

On the weekend of Aug. 24-26, please join us for what we hope is the first and last cross-district “Where’s Walden?” caravan.
confirm exact times and locations. But here is the schedule so far:

You can drive or ride along for any or all of the route, or just meet us at one of the locations to help us tell Greg Walden that we’re tired of not having town halls, so we’re taking our questions and concerns to him. In each city along the way we’ll stop for pictures, press conferences and to collect more cars, motorhomes, and campers as we go. Of course, carpools are encouraged! Indivisibles from across the state are invited to form their own mini-caravans and join us anywhere along the route for all or part of the caravan. Or they can just meet and greet us as we pass through.

Everyone will be responsible for their own gas, food and accommodations. Some Indivisibles have offered homestays. Others are looking for someone to ride with. (Anyone coming over from Baker City?) Dress up your car if you can. We’ll have t-shirts and “Where’s Walden?” signs available at every stop.

To learn more about available homestays or to make ride-along arrangements, either as a driver or a passenger, or if you have other questions, please send an e-mail to Teresa Safay at contact@ord2indivisible.org or send her a private message via Facebook. Please let us know – soon! — if you plan to be part of the caravan, so our wonderful hosts can get a headcount.

ORD2 Indivisible has ordered special “Where’s Walden?” t-shirts for the event and will share the graphic so you can print out signs to post in your vehicles. Participants are encouraged to dress up their cars with signs, windshield markers or whatever you can think of that looks festive! Wear a funny hat or “Where’s Walden?” glasses. Let’s make this fun – and effective!

If you have specific questions or ideas or would like to volunteer to assist in any way, please join the discussion in our ORD2 Indivisible Facebook group. If you aren’t on Facebook, send an email to contact@ord2indivisible.org. If you have friends who aren’t on the internet or don’t get our ORD2 Indivisible newsletter, please share this information with them.

Where’s Walden? Let’s go looking!