Jerry Allen for Senate Volunteer Meeting

Oregon has an opportunity to have a fantastic State Senator for District 2, Democratic Candidate, Jerry Allen. The Republican candidate running against him is Art Robinson who has extremist Alt-right beliefs and has worked with unregistered foreign agents to clean up his campaign after losing in every previous election he has ran in.

Although Robinson is a five time loser in the congressional elections when faced against Peter DeFazio, the Oregon State Senate District 2 has a MUCH different demographic. The congressional district he ran for against DeFazio had the liberal base of Eugene, Senate District 2, does not.

Art Robinson is known throughout the community for collecting urine from strangers, he thinks nuclear waste can be diluted and spread over the ocean, and thinks Social Security and public education should be abolished (just to name a few reasons).

How do all you parents currently forced to homeschool because of COVID, feel about this abolishing public schools?

There are so many other reasons Robinson would be dangerous as a government leader – so please join Jerry tonight at his Volunteer Strategic Planning Session and consider donating to his campaign to help give him a fighting chance. Not only do our senators represent us here in Josephine and Jackson Counties, but they have a large impact on what happens in the entire state. When they walk out of the job like current District 2 Senator, Herman Baertschiger Jr. has done numerous times, it halts ALL work in Salem. We need a representative who will stay in Salem and get the work done.

Participants need to pre-register for tonight’s event:
Date: Monday August 3, 2020
Time: 6:00 pm

Another priority his campaign has, is the need to collect 200 valid signatures from registered voters in Oregon State Senate District 2. This will allow him to get his candidate statement into the Voter Information Pamphle without having to spend $750.

The signature petition and instructions can be downloaded from here. Even if you don’t make it to the Zoom meeting, if you live in Senate District 2, please help him by completing this form and returning it ASAP. Additional information and instructions are included in the document.

The petition can have one signature or up to 10 per sheet. We will have them available at our office, or you can drop off any that you have done on your own, Tuesday or Friday between 12-3. (Upstairs at the corner of 7th and C Street) We have until THIS Saturday to get the 200 signatures.

If you aren’t sure what district you live in, visit https://openstates.org/find_your_legislator/ and enter your address.

We hope you will join him on Zoom tonight.

If you have any specific questions or suggestions, you can send them in advance to communications@jerryallenforsenate.com