1. It will make a difference: Every time to find out a number has been disconnected
or a person has moved, you save the canvassers from wasting time and effort
tracking down addresses. Every time you speak with a supporter you strengthen
their support. Every time you leave a message, it lets someone know, Jamie
has active supporters and they can learn more at www.jamiefororegon.com.

2. It could help put the brakes on catastrophe for America. We see where
this train is headed now—over a cliff. Your phone banking could help
the Democrats win the U.S. House — and stop that train.

3. It will make you feel better (if needed!). Honest! Take that “boo-hoo” feeling about the
state of the world and turn it into “can-do” for Jamie’s Congressional campaign.
She’s brave enough to run against Greg Walden—we can have the courage to
make a few phone calls!

Ready to volunteer for Jaime??? Click HERE.