JCDCC Annual Fundraiser – June 23

Does it feel like all you read or hear on social media, local and national news, is bad news?
Do you feel like you are pushing an enormous boulder up an impossible hill?

There is a way to turn all that frustration and strength into “Power”. How? Join us for some local wine and appetizers, with like minded folks and have a grown up conversation about how we can keep the “Blue Wave” moving forward.

JCDCC needs your generosity and support. It takes dedicated volunteers to advocate for our local and state candidates and have a presence in local activities. It is nice to offer, cool water during canvasing, or a snack when phone banking.

“Thank you”, to our followers on “Facebook” and “Welcome” to those that have found us and are
“Liking” our page. If you are unable to attend the Fundraiser, but would like to donate, please see the link for “ActBlue”, to purchase tickets.


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