Here are our recommended candidates that need to be elected. VOTE!

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Beware of partisan candidates running as a block for non-partisan offices. They have an agenda: to ban books, ban curriculum, force our schools to observe their religion, and use these seats as stepping stones to other more powerful offices. Be careful who you vote for!

GP District 7 School

Library Board

Rogue Comm College

3 Rivers School

  • Susan Fischer-Maki, Zone 2
  • Jamie Wright, Zone 4

This Election is Important!

What are those opposing these candidates saying? 

  • That “pornography” is being read in the schools. NONSENSE!
  • Sex is being taught in the schools. NONSENSE!
  •  Schools teach “Critical Race Theory” and radical instruction in civics classes. NONSENSE!
  • Complaints, complaints, complaints about bathrooms. Really? Is that our biggest problem in eduction?



All politics are local, and these elections provide an opportunity for us to put Democrats and if not a Democrat, a moderate candidate (such as Tina Gotshall for the Library) in positions that affect us directly!  Please be sure to complete your ballot early and if possible, hand deliver to the County Clerk or at one of the Josephine County Election Drop Box locations.

Find your nearest drop box at jocovote.com/dropbox

Once you have submitted your ballot, you can check to see that it has been received at jocovote.com/checkmyvote.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact us at 541-916-8352‬.

Be sure to remind your neighbors, your family and your friends to get their ballots turned in early!

Last day to register to vote: April 25th
Ballots mailed: April 27th 
Click for online Voter Pamphlet
Ballots Due to Clerk: Tuesday, May 16,2021, 8:00PM
(yes you can mail them with a 5/16 postmark… But get counted early!)