The 2018 Mid-Terms Wrap Up

Jamie McLeod-Skinner. To supporters of Jamie McLeod-Skinner Tuesday night’s election results, while not a surprise in the deep red district, was a disappointment. Walden won with 57 percent of the vote, while McLeod-Skinner trailed with 39 percent, giving Walden an 18 point lead. However, compared to just two years ago when Walden won by a 44 point lead over Democrat Jim Crary, Democrats made a significant dent in CD2.

Josephine County Turnout. Still, Democrats in Josephine County have work to do. According to the Josephine County Clerk’s office, Democrats had a 75 percent voter turnout rate but Republicans had an 81 percent turnout of their voters. Let’s compare that to that last mid-term, 2014: Democrats had a 62% turnout; we increased turnout by 13%! A tribute to the Neighborhood Leaders!

A Bit of Analysis. In the conservative county, voters went for Walden by 63 percent while McLeod-Skinner captured just 32 percent of the vote. In the governor’s race, Republican Knute Buehler captured 61 percent of the Josephine County vote, showing a definite distain for incumbent Kate Brown. Josephine County voters also voted yes on the conservative ballot measures, indicating they don’t want any kind of food taxed (103),  they want to get rid of the state’s sanctuary law (105), and prohibit public funding for abortion (106). They did vote to allow local bonds for financing affordable housing (102) and voted against having a super majority for the state legislature to raise revenue (104).

Local Elections. In Josephine County’s local elections there were no Democrats running and Democrats only endorsed one candidate, Rhiannon Henkles, for county clerk. However, Democrat’s underground support for Commissioner candidate Darin Fowler helped his 6 point lead over Ron Smith, and put the frosting on top incumbent Sheriff Dave Daniels 42 point lead over Jonathan Knapp.

Future. We need to continue to have a presence in the community and build on our successes. We are not going away. The change in Josephine County is going to be the young people. Times are changing, but it has been a tradition in the this county that things happen at a molasses pace, especially in winter.

Election Night Gathering

About 35 attended our Potluck celebration. Lots of good food and drink. Two screens broadcasting election results with great cheers when the Democrats took the majority for the House. More cheers when Kate Brown was declared winner for our Governor. A good time was had by all!

Statewide Results

Peter DeFazio
Congressional District 4

Winner in CD4 !


Kate Brown
Oregon Governor

** Winner Statewide **

Ballot Measures

  • VOTE YES ON MEASURE 102: Amends Constitution: allows local bonds for financing affordable housing with nongovernmental entities. Requires voter approval, annual audits. ***Passed Statewide***

    Measure 102 would amend the constitution, allowing public funding to be mixed with private dollars to build privately-owned affordable housing.  Oregon currently has a need for over 120,000 affordable housing units, just to stay even with the demand for housing that working people can afford. By allowing private funders to participate in public bond-funded affordable housing projects, we will increase the amount of affordable housing units that can be built.

    More information at:

  • VOTE NO ON MEASURE 103: Amends Constitution: Prohibits taxes/fees based on transactions for “groceries” (defined) enacted or amended after September 2017 ***Defeated Statewide***

    Measure 103 would amend the constitution to permanently block taxation on groceries and to freeze the state corporate minimum tax for any business related to the food industry. But don’t be fooled–103 isn’t about protecting consumers! Kroger, Costco, and Albertsons Safeway have donated a combined $1.96 million (99% of the campaigns contributions) in an effort to protect big food corporations from paying their fair share of corporate taxes, while these same corporations benefit from use of roads, water, sewage, and other public services. Like Measure 104, 103 would immediately overturn the fees passed on hospitals (since they serve food) approved by voters in January to fund the Oregon Health Plan, putting the health care of hundreds of thousands of  Oregonians at risk.

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  • VOTE NO ON MEASURE 104: Amends Constitution: Expands (beyond taxes) application of requirement that three-fifths legislative majority approve bills raising revenue ***Defeated Statewide***

    Measure 104 would amend the constitution to require a 3/5ths supermajority vote in the State Legislature to eliminate tax breaks for special interests, or raise fees. 104 uses the Oregon Constitution to shield the biggest corporations in the State from any increased fees to pay for the rising costs of their use of public resources, or to clean up the pollution they might cause. This would make it even harder to fund our roads, schools, libraries, and public health care. In fact, passing Measure 104 would immediately cause cuts to the Oregon Health Plan, something voters just agreed to fund in January.

    More information at:

  • VOTE NO ON MEASURE 105: Repeals law limiting the use of state/local law enforcement resources to enforce federal immigration laws ***Defeated Statewide***

    Measure 105 is an attempt to repeal Oregon’s state sanctuary law, which prevents local law enforcement and other state agencies from using public resources to aid federal immigration enforcement. For 30 years, this law has effectively limited racial profiling of our immigrant community members.  When police collaborate with ICE, immigrants are too afraid to access police protection against assault, domestic violence, robbery, and other protections everyone else enjoys. Beyond reducing public safety, 105 would also divert already stretched funds from our local agencies to enforce federal policy.  Both socially and economically, the costs are more than Oregon can afford.

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  • VOTE NO ON MEASURE 106: Amends Constitution: Prohibits spending “public funds” (defined) directly/indirectly for “abortion” (defined); exceptions; reduces abortion access  ***Defeated Statewide***

    Measure 106 would amend the constitution to prohibit the allocation of public funds for abortion and related reproductive services. It would prevent  public employees and working class people, including those on Oregon Health Plan, from accessing such services. With national talk of repealing Roe vs Wade, Oregonians have a chance to say No to limiting reproductive rights. This is a direct attack on healthcare options for low-wage workers and public employees.

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Hot off the Press

What We are working for:


  • A balanced and equitable economy that provides a living wage for all workers.
  • Competent, affordable and accessible health care.
  • World class, lifelong educational opportunities.
  • A healthy, sustainable environment.
  • International diplomacy and cooperation.

We are county citizens who believe in bringing people together for the common good and making democratic principles the driving force behind all public policy.

We are working to build a community that extends beyond our borders and respects the inherent dignity of all.